Outlast: goldsrc icon

Yes. This mod contains its own icon. There are not many details on this. Is obviously.

Render from half life: rebirth

An render that helps the game graphics and many elements. Contains: bloom effect, first person body, nightvision and more. Of course, We must have permission from the creator of this, to use (as I).

bloom effect

A graphic element that makes the game more nice in lights (so to speak).
The requirement to use it, We need have a graphics card with support for Directx 9 and OpenGL.

Models from original game (Outlast)

Yes. The models are from the original game (Outlast). I have not asked permission from the creators (Red Barrels) to use this models, but it's a Indie mod!! Something small (indie) is not the same as something big (company).

First person body

An element that benefits this mod, to give the same realism like Outlast.


Yes. This is new background for mod.